As a construction company with superior technologies, we make sincere efforts to earn customer trust and contribute to our local community and society.

Greetings/Message From the President

President & CEO
Hiromi Yabushita

Since 1944, Hokkai Electrical Construction has worked to fulfill customer needs while growing our business with a focus on designing, building, and maintaining electric power distribution and other types of facilities, which are social infrastructure.

Our Vision 2025 states, “As a construction company with superior technologies, we make sincere efforts to earn customer trust and contribute to our local community and society.” With this in mind, we are striving to be the best corporation we can by expanding the areas where we do business and entering new fields.

As a member of the Hokuden Group, we will diversify our business fields and constantly aim to grow and take on new challenges while responding with speed and flexibility to significant changes in our business environment.

Company Profile

NameHokkai Electrical Construction Co., Inc
Headquarters1-8-21 Kikusui 2-jo, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo-shi
EstablishedOctober 1, 1944
Capital1.73 billion yen
Stock exchange listingSapporo Stock Exchange
Employees1,678(as of March 31,2023)

Our Business

Electrical and Mechanical Facilities

Electric power does more than just provide light—it is an important lifeline for industry and our daily lives. We use our knowledge, track record, and technologies to create safe, secure, and environmentally friendly electrical facilities that help people live comfortably. We also build facilities and provide high-quality technologies to meet an increasingly diverse range of customer needs from design to construction. This includes air conditioning, plumbing, and sanitation facilities; heat source systems; and electrification equipment.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy can help cut greenhouse gas emissions and provide power during disasters. It plays a vital role in Japan and across the world, with many different usage methods such as local energy production for local consumption. We provide optimal systems to customers based on our extensive construction experience that includes solar and wind power generation.

Information and Communications Technology

Our high-quality information infrastructure services span from surveying to design, construction, and maintenance. In the increasingly sophisticated information society, we draw on our experience, knowledge, and solid technical skills to help create more comfortable lifestyles and bring vitality to communities.

Electricity Measuring Instruments and Controls

We contribute to electric power supply services in Hokkaido as an expert in electrical measurement and control. This includes repairing, manufacturing, and selling products like electricity meters; replacing equipment when it reaches the end of its certification period; constructing special high voltage measuring devices; measuring instrument calibration services; and safety equipment testing.

Electric Power Infrastructure

Electric power helps people enjoy comfortable lifestyles. Electricity is generated in power plants, sent via transmission lines to transformer substations, and then reaches customers’ homes through distribution lines. We serve a role in stable power supply by using our advanced technologies to support construction, maintenance, and operation work on generation facilities, transmission lines, and distribution lines.